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Contacting McGarry Constructions as Your Builder Double Bay

McGarry Constructions are lavish, custom home builders in Double Bay, producing individual homes that reflect the attitudes and values of our clients. With bespoke constructions created for your lifestyle, we can produce high-quality, immaculate designs.

We have a seamless management approach, creating a flawless finish as we assist with the process from the very beginning. Whether it is the planning of council approvals, or the construction and project management process, our team pride themselves on professional craftsmanship, while being fully transparent to our clients throughout the entire design and building process.

We will spend time with you the whole way, collaborating to produce your custom home for you to love for years to come. We are here to build an impeccable home that lasts using innovative designs and technology.

Certified Passive House Builders

Our Director, George McGarry, is a certified Passive House builder with a passion for sustainable building design and high-performance healthy homes. Passive House is one of the world’s leading energy-efficient standards and is a construction concept made to shape comfortable and environmentally friendly homes and buildings.

This results in buildings harnessing as much as 90% less heating and cooling in comparison to conventional buildings. As a high-performance house that is globally recognised and science-based proven, there are no limitations to unique designs or types of buildings we can work on within Double Bay.

Sustainably designed for healthy living, a continuous supply of purified and clean air controls the environment within the house. Thermal comfort is maintained, and heating and cooling bills are kept to a minimum by using Passive features such as improved insulation, high-quality windows, passive solar energy and thermal mass.

The 3 Benefits of Passive House to Occupants

  1. Healthy – Working with a Passive House builder in Double Bay means you will have clean, filtered air all year round. A Passive House-certified ventilation system will generate the air silently, without the drafts to every engaged space, dissipating any stale air where moisture or odours may exist.
  2. Easy to Operate – Passive House certified buildings are designed to ensure the floor, walls, roof and windows work together to keep the building comfortable. It is the simple and durable systems in combination with a high-quality construction that helps to achieve our exquisite results.
  3. Comfortable – Through the fitting of thermal bridges, cold and hot spots will not be a concern as the temperature of the home remains consistent and stable regardless of the outside weather. As Passive House builders, we will ensure that the high-performance windows are carefully sealed to remove exterior noise, guaranteeing a quiet space.

For a custom-built home by exceptional builders in Double Bay, McGarry Constructions will ensure your experience is smooth as we produce a faultless home. Complete our project enquiry form here so we can begin discussing how we can help you.

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